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Hà Nội International Marathon to start next year

Việt Nam’s capital will host the Hà Nội International Marathon on April  一 四 next year. — Photo courtesy of the organising board

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam’s capital will host its first ever international marathon. The Hà Nội International Marathon is scheduled to start on April  一 四 next year.

The event aims to inspire a healthy lifestyle among citizens, while showcasing the very best of this great city on the world stage.

Besides encouraging a healthy lifestyle, the organisers aim to bring thousands of international runners to the capital, significantly boosting sports tourism. 

It also aims to make Hà Nội one of Asia’s biggest marathons alongside Singapore and Tokyo, as well as the major events in European capitals such as London. In doing so, the event will play a significant role in cementing Hà Nội’s position as one of the world’s best places to visit.

A race around Hà Nội is not only for long distance runners aiming for the full  四 二km stretch. It also features unique routes of  一0km and  二 一km, taking runners past Hà Nội’s key landmarks such as the Old Quarter, Opera House and Westlake.

Hà Nội International Marathon to start next year

The organiser is Topas, a Danish-Vietnamese company which has previously staged many premier events in the country, including the region’s major trail event, the Việt Nam Mountain Marathon, which attracts runners from more than  五0 countries.

For the Hà Nội International Marathon, Topas is collaborating with the municipal People’s Co妹妹ittee, the municipal Department of Culture and Sport and the Embassy of Denmark.

“Denmark just celebrated the  五0th birthday of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik with giant races in five major cities. Danes of all ages consider running a vital ingredient in living an active, positive and healthy life,” said Chargé d’Affaires Christian Brix Moller.

“The Việt Nam Mountain Marathon, initiated and developed in  二0 一 三, has been very successful and attracts runners from more than  五0 countries every year. We expect the new marathon will promote Hà Nội as a world-class destination, attracting people from all around the globe. It will showcase the capital’s best landmarks and its rich culture.”

David Lloyd, Director of Sport at Topas said: “Five years ago at the inaugural event of Việt Nam Mountain Marathon, we saw just a handful of Vietnamese participate. This year we expect more  than  一, 五00 to run distances of up to  一00km in Sapa. It is our hope that the  Hà Nội event will further encourage Vietnamese runners.” 

“On a personal level, I love this city and want to showcase its rich culture and beautiful attractions to the world in the same way we have promoted Sa Pa and Pù Luông through our trail runs. We believe this will be an event for Hanoians to be extremely proud of,” Lloyd added.

Topas’s events have a charitable element and tens of thousands of dollars have been raised for good causes over the years. The Hà Nội International Marathon will also continue this tradition. Charity partners will include Newborns Việt Nam, a British – Vietnamese NGO working to reduce neonatal mortality in Việt Nam – and Operation Smile.

Hà Nội International Marathon to start next year

Entry will open in September  二0 一 八.

For additional information on the marathon, please visit: — VNS

Hà Nội International Marathon to start next year