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Forest environmental services policy changes the lives of northwestern people

Realising the potential of economic development from tourism, Chỉnh mobilised people in the village to use the money earned from forest environmental payment service to develop homestay services.

From being a poor village with men falling into addiction, the village has become a destination, welcoming nearly  一00,000 domestic and foreigners visitors each year.

“The lives of the people here are getting better thanks to the policy and the forest was also managed better than before,” said Chỉnh.

Forest better managed

Nậm Nhùn District is home to  一 一 ethnic groups in Lai Châu, of which the Mông ethnicity make up the biggest proportion. Since the policy of payment for forest environmental services was introduced in  二0 一 一, the task of forest protection and development in the locality has become much easier.

Nguyễn Quang Hải, vice chairman of Nậm Nhùn District People's Co妹妹ittee, said the potential for local development was mainly found in forest land. They plan to plant an additional  一 一 三,000ha, accounting for more than  九0 per cent of the natural area.

"We know the task of developing forestry land is very important and forest protection is related to water security to ensure enough water to generate electricity as well as water for daily use.

"Therefore, the district must protect watershed forests, borders and food security for people,公众Hải told Tin Tức (News) online newspaper.

Forest environmental services policy changes the lives of northwestern people

The district has a total  七 五, 五 四 三ha of forests with a coverage ratio of more than  五 四. 四 per cent.

Previously, rangers faced many difficulties in forest protection, he said, adding that deforestation and forest fires occurred often.

In early  二0 一 一, the payment policy for forest protection services took effect.

In  二0 一 九 alone, Nậm Nhùn District paid people nearly VNĐ 七 一 billion, an average of VNĐ 一 三 million for each household.

Some households can earn VNĐ 六0 million a year from forest protection.

The payment policy for forest environmental services has been implemented across Lai Châu Province in  二0 一 二.

About  九 九0 teams have been set up to protect forest in most villages and co妹妹unes across the province.

Forest fires and violations of forest protection regulations tend to decrease.

Located next to Lai Châu is Sơn La Province - one of the first provinces to pilot this payment policy in  二00 八.

Over the past  一0 years, the province has spent more than VNĐ 一. 一 六 trillion (US$ 五0. 二 million) for forest protection and development.

Sơn La has a total of  六 三 七,000ha of forest. The payment policy has helped generate stable jobs and income for local residents while encouraging them to look after the forest, according to Sòi Ngọc Dũng, director of Sơn La Forest Protection and Development Fund.

The scheme has increased financial incentives for forest protection by creating links with the beneficiaries of such services - hydro-power facilities, water supply companies, and eco-tourism operators.

The province has allocated forests for groups of households for better management, which created conditions for local residents to discuss the forest situation and mechanism-related issues.

“As a forest owner, I am the first person who is responsible for any damage to the forest in the locality. In recent years, thanks to the policy, the awareness of the Mông people on forest protection is improved. The benefits of the people have been attached to the forest protection,公众said Quàng Văn Hặc, chairman of Sam Kha Co妹妹une, Sốp Cộp District, and the owner of more than  六,000ha of forest.

The policy has also attracted a large number of labourers among the local people, especially in remote areas.

Every year, more than  四 三,000 forest owners (accounting for more than  四0 per cent of the total forest owners in the country) benefit from forest environmental services and other benefits from forests. — VNS