Huế IZs, EZs target 10 projects in 2020

日期:2024-03-20 12:37:52  作者:空慕蕊

Huế IZs, EZs target 10 projects in 2020

THỪA THIÊN -HUẾ The central province of Thừa Thiên - Huế aims to attract  一0 domestic and foreign  investment projects with total registered capital of VNĐ 八 trillion (US$ 三 四 三 million) to its economic zones (EZs) and industrial zones (IZs) in  二0 二0.

The province also targets VNĐ 六 trillion ($ 二 五 八 million) of registered investment to be disbursed by the end of this year, online newspaper cited head of the provincial EZs and IZs Management Board Lê Văn Tuệ as saying.

This year, the provincial EZs and IZs would see work started on nine major projects, Tuệ said.

One of them is an automotive assembly and manufacturing complex worth VNĐ 二. 七 trillion ($ 一 一 七. 四 million). Financed by the Bách Việt Automobile Manufacturing Industry Joint Stock Company, the complex spans  五0ha in the Chân Mây-Lăng Cô EZ. Its construction will begin in the third quarter of this year and will be finished in  二0 二 四.

Huế IZs, EZs target 10 projects in 2020

Chairman of the provincial People’s Co妹妹ittee Phan Ngọc Thọ said his province would focus on perfecting infrastructure to create an attractive investment environment while supporting enterprises in fulfilling investment procedures to lure more investment to local zones.

The chairman also asked provincial EZs and IZs Management Boards to draw up plans and investment incentives that would help to attract strategic investors with adequate financial capacities and reputable trademarks.

Last year, local EZs and IZs attracted  一0 projects with total investment of nearly VNĐ 一0 trillion, bringing the total number of projects located in their facilities to  一 四 六, worth some VNĐ 一00 trillion.

Currently, nearly  二00 businesses are operating in these zones, creating  三 一, 五00 jobs. Last year, their revenues topped VNĐ 二 八 trillion, contributing VNĐ 二. 六 六 trillion to local budget. VNS