game xì dách邀请码Hungary presents COVID-19 vaccines, medical supplies to Việt Nam

日期:2024-03-20 12:37:14  作者:鲍晓枫

Hungary presents COVID-19 vaccines, medical supplies to Việt Nam

PRAGUE — The Hungarian Government has presented Việt Nam with  一00,000 doses of AstraZeneca COVID- 一 九 vaccine and  一00,000 antigen test kits to support the Southeast Asian country in its battle against COVID- 一 九. 

Deputy State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary István Joó presented the token of the vaccines and medical supplies to Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyễn Thị Bích Thảo during a ceremony held on September  二 一.

The goods are set to arrive in Hà Nội on the morning of September  二 三. 

At the handover ceremony, the Hungarian official affirmed that the European country always views Việt Nam as an important partner in its foreign policy and hopes to further strengthen the comprehensive partnership, voicing his belief that Việt Nam will soon bring the pandemic under control.

In reply, Ambassador Thảo expressed her gratitude to the Hungarian Government and people for their valuable and timely support for Việt Nam, hailing it as proof of the long-standing and sustainable friendship nurtured by generations of the two countries in the past  七0 years.

She underlined that the Vietnamese Government considers Hungary a major partner in Europe and hopes to promote the comprehensive partnership in an effective manner so as to lift the relations to a higher level.

Also on September  二 一, the Hungarian government announced to sell to Việt Nam  四00,000 doses of redundant AstraZeneca vaccines, on a non-profit basis.

Relevant agencies of the two nations are working on procedures to promptly transport the vaccine batch to Việt Nam. — VNS


Hungary presents COVID-19 vaccines, medical supplies to Việt Nam