game xì dách手机版Hà Nội implements solutions to improve air quality

日期:2024-03-20 13:24:29  作者:钦乐天

Hà Nội implements solutions to improve air quality

HÀ NỘI Hà Nội's People's Co妹妹ittee has requested all agencies and sectors to continue implementing drastic, synchronous, and effective solutions to improve air quality.

Air pollution nationally is causing harmful effects on people's health, more so in crowded areas like the capital.

Overcoming the shortcomings and limitations in the control of air pollution has been deemed an urgent task.

Although the authorities in the districts and towns have actively implemented many solutions under the direction of the Hà Nội People's Co妹妹ittee, some tasks have not been completed so there have not been significant improvements seen.

The city People's Co妹妹ittee has assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to implement the "Developing a provincial-level air quality management plan公众under the guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for  二0 二 一- 二0 二 五 period, which is expected to be completed in  二0 二 二.

The department will conduct a review of air pollution sources and seek appropriate solutions in terms of policies and technology.

Hà Nội implements solutions to improve air quality

Inspections of construction sites must be strengthened as well as dealing with violations related to environmental protection.

It is also urged to complete and stably operate the air quality monitoring system to provide timely information to the city’s people.

The Department of Construction must inspect construction-waste collection points, and fine and revoke construction permits for violations related to dust emissions and illegal dumping of waste.

The Department of Transport will continue studying the project "Regulating the operation of motorbikes in accordance with the infrastructure and service capacity of the public passenger transport system, towards stopping the operation of motorbikes in the districts by  二0 三0."

On the basis of air-quality data, the Department of Transport will advise the city on options for channeling and restricting traffic on days when the air is seriously polluted.

Previously, Associate Professor Hoàng Anh Lê, at the University of Science, Vietnam National University-Hà Nội has suggested that the city's functional agencies should strengthen inspection of waste sources, especially large waste sources, and install an automatic emission monitoring system.

He said the city needs to promote information technology application solutions and set up environmental management software for production workshops to strictly control the situation of air pollution.

The city should accelerate the construction of advanced waste treatment plants and promote urban greening; prohibiting vehicles that do not meet emission standards. VNS