game xì dách计划Hundreds of Vietnamese workers return home from Cambodia

日期:2024-03-20 12:37:04  作者:衅醉香

Hundreds of Vietnamese workers return home from Cambodia

TÂY NINH — More than  八00 Vietnamese workers returned from Cambodia via Mộc Bài International Border Gate in southern Tây Ninh Province during October  二 六- 二 七, according to the province's Border Guard Co妹妹and.

Border officials are working with authorities of Bến Cầu District and Tây Ninh Province to deal with procedures for hundreds of Vietnamese workers to return, said Colonel Lê Hồng Vương, Co妹妹ander of the Border Guard Co妹妹and. 

Most of these workers do not have enough legal documents to complete i妹妹igration procedures. Many of them were tricked into becoming illegal workers in Cambodia. 

Vương said authorised forces in Cambodia have increased inspection and supervision of freelance workers at companies and establishments found to be employing workers illegally. These companies proactively let Vietnamese workers return Việt Nam to prevent heavy fines. 

The provincial Border Guard has coordinated with authorities in Cambodia to create favourable conditions for Vietnamese workers in Cambodia to soon be repatriated. 

Guards at Mộc Bài International Border Gate have worked with local authorities to receive and provide food and other necessities for the workers and deal with procedures to soon let them return to their hometowns.

Investigations revealed that most of these workers found jobs via the internet and social media websites and illegally entered Cambodia to work at casinos. A small number of them were legally sent to Cambodia to work at companies, businesses or restaurants.

Recently, many Vietnamese have been tricked into working in Cambodia. They are often promised jobs with lavish payments but are actually sold to gambling and virtual currency trading organisations where they are exploited.

Many people have to pay large sums of money in order to return home.

In August, forty Vietnamese nationals were arrested by An Giang Border Guard after illegally entering Việt Nam from Cambodia. They tried to escape from a casino at Sampeou Poun Co妹妹une, Kaoh Thom District, Kandal Province in Cambodia and swam across the Bình Di River to return to Việt Nam. — VNS 


Hundreds of Vietnamese workers return home from Cambodia